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    Pi Potters

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    Duncan and Karen Browning


    We have worked with clay for over thirty years producing in the past art deco style ceramics, screen printed tiles and water features all during our time selling in London's Covent Garden but have now returned to traditional wheel thrown and hand built stoneware.

    Carmel Pottery


    Jacky John’s work is mainly functional kitchenware. She hand throws her stoneware pots on the potters wheel and uses high firing glazes in a reduction atmosphere to create beautiful, exciting finishes.

    Elizabeth Bernays


    Elizabeth Bernays lives and works in Pembrokeshire. She has been making pottery for many years. Elizabeth has perfected her craft and produces a wide range of artisan pottery. Her handcrafted products include jugs & vases, mugs & teapots, dishes & bowls, candle holders & wax melt burners.

    Carol Brinton-Thomas


    Carol’s pottery includes hand thrown ware, often decorated in relief with seasonal emblems, hearts or celtic patterns. Her handcrafted pieces include leaf dishes, coasters, brooches, beads and ceramic motifs on greetings cards.

    Jacki Yorke


    Jacki has always been passionate about painting and ceramics. ''My artwork is inspired by my love of nature and animals and would probably describe myself as a wildlife and hyper-realist artist. I strive to capture those snapshot moments that nature throws at us and most people miss or take for granted; the moments where nature is more beautiful than should really be possible. When the light hits from a magical angle, when an animal holds it's head in a certain way, or when frost glistens on a moss covered stone in the morning sunshine.''

    Magic Garden


    The beautiful coast and countryside which surrounds her home in West Wales provides Sally Rowles with an endless source of ideas and inspiration. Her ceramics are made from earthenware clay, hand-thrown or hand built from slabs in her garden studio.

    Kate Glanville


    Kate works from her pottery studio at her home just outside the beautiful Welsh town of Llandeilo. With spectacular views over the Towey valley the country side around her home is a constant source of inspiration for her work.

    Pi Potters


    Based in the Welsh market town of Llandeilo, Pi Potters work is imaginative, engaging and often humourous, drawing on her local environment, love of animals and family life for inspiration.

    Pi has worked with ceramics for 18 years and enjoys the challenges that Raku firing presents, colouring her work with an unpredictable mix of glaze, flame and smoke.

    In her small studio, Pi creates unique sculptures for the home designed to invoke memories, tell stories and convey nostalgia. Each item is crafted by hand from raw materials, creating an individuality and character of it's own.

    Cecilia Lafuente


    Cecilia is an Argentinian artist and her canvas is porcelain. Her work is detailed and realistic . Her tools are pen nibs, pigments different oil mediums and the alchemy of the kiln.

    Architecture design and nature in all it forms amazes and captivates her. Wales is an amazing source of inspiration.

    Cups, mugs, saucers, plates, tiles, murals tells stories.

    Each piece is unique and hand painted.

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