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    A Jewel

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    A Jewel

    Upper Brynamman

    Award-winning jewellery designer maker Akvile Cenkyte established the A JEWEL brand in 2015. Using traditional fine jewellery making techniques Akvile designs and develops distinctive precious metal jewellery.

    Akvile has graduated from Jewellery Manufacture and Design at UAL: BAJ. Akvile has been trained and gained the skills as a traditional goldsmith in Hatton Garden, London.

    Akvile has decided to swop London life with rural Black Mountain where she makes jewellery from her workshop.

    A JEWEL inspirations and influences comes from artist's surroundings, experiences, observations as well as urban movements and music which corrugates with ideas from individual interpretation of symbols and archetypes.

    "I want to correlate traditional fine jewellery craftsmanship with my own interpretation, to create a new language and to express that language through a piece of jewellery."

    Akvile has been awarded on February 2017 with a Gold Prize Award at the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council Competition.

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    Aled Jenkins


    We show a wide selection of gorgeous work by Aled Jenkins. All made from reclaimed Welsh slate – clocks, vases, pendants, all incredibly tactile, all with a wonderful history.


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    GrayJean Glass


    Gary & Jane Rudland are GrayJean Glass. Gary hand makes the glass beads that Jane then makes into their range of jewellery. Gary is also a capable photographer and responsible for many of the images on this site.

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    GreenFeet Crafts


    Ric & Marnie Foot are GreenFeet Crafts. They hand make a variety of wire & leather jewellery in their studio. Ric is also a capable photographer who took many of the images on this site and Marnie makes a range of gluten-free cakes and pastries.

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    Magic Garden


    Sally Rowles’ ceramics are made from earthenware clay, hand-thrown or hand built from slabs in her garden studio and painted with slips and underglazes with a clear glaze over. Her jewellery is made from silver with her own handmade clay beads and pendants.

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    Moraith Glass


    Each handmade piece of glass from Moria Williams is a unique creation – you’ll find pendants and earrings, dishes and bowls, freestanding curved panels, sun-catchers and rainbow makers, birds and stars.

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    Haverkamp Design


    As long as I can remember, repairing, recycling and repurposing have always been present in my life.

    It has only been a natural and obvious development to see it rearing its head in my creative practice.

    Hi, my name is Rahmat Haverkamp. I was skillfully made in The Netherlands, arrived in Wales in 2001 and am now a One Woman’s Band based in Brechfa.

    My creative journey lead me to a 3D Designer Maker course in Carmarthen. I had a blast and am proud to say I graduated in 2015 with First Honours.

    In a lot of my creations I incorporate discarded materials from industries that are quite far removed from ‘the world ofjewellery’.

    It fascinates me to explore the possibilities of various materials and come up with ways to use them in my practice.

    Something very close to my heart is making bespoke pieces with added personal value.

    If you have a material with special meaning (like a piece of fabric for instance) and like the idea of seeing it used in a personal piece of jewellery,

    I’d like to invite you to get in touch.

    I would be delighted and honoured to explore ideas and discuss options to create something truly unique for you

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    From Amanda Hollinger’s small workshop, on the Pembrokeshire coastline, she aims to create her individual and original style of silver and mixed metal jewellery. Soldering, sawing, rolling, reticulating, piercing, polishing, forging, filing.....the list goes on.....silver, brass, copper, bronze, beads, pearls, gemstones.....the possibilities are endless!