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    We are looking for talented makers to join our co-operative. If you would like to join Crafts Alive please fill in an application form and send it to info@craftsalive.co.uk or bring it to our gallery 133b Rhosmaen Street, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, SA19 6EN.

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  • Terms & Conditions

    Crafts Alive is a not for profit marketing co-operative, originally formed to provide a local sales outlet for crafts people living and working in the area around Llandeilo. Although it has since expanded to include crafts people living and working anywhere in Wales, the majority of our members are still based within 30 miles of Llandeilo.

  • Crafts Alive does not usually buy any stock. All items remain the property of the crafts person until the point of sale.


    Although we want to welcome as many craft producers as possible into the shop, space dictates that we have to be selective.


    Our SELECTION CRITERIA are as follows:


    1.The producer must live and work in Wales.

    2.The product mustnot conflict directly with another in the shop.

    3.We look for ahigh standard of workmanship and finish and all items must comply with any
    requirements of the Sales of Goods Act which may apply, (e.g. the CE now UKCA standard
    for toys, Cosmetics and Food regulations etc.) It is the producer’sresponsibility to determine relevant requirements and produce proof of certification. (We can give advice on this)


    4.The product (the craft) is substantially the original design and work of the submitting crafts person.
    We do not accept crafts made from kits.


    5.The producer is able to make enough work to replace sold items regularly and promptly.


    6.The shop runs entirely on the efforts of its members and the producer should be willing to
    work as part of a team in the promotion and running of the Crafts Alive


    We expect all members to assist in some capacity in the running of the shop.

    This would preferably be working behind the counter in the shop (stewarding with the benefit of reduced rates and bonuses), or providing expertise and services from home, running the rota, look after finance, organise publicity, IT skills, electrical, cleaning, maintenance, decorating etc.




    Please note that Crafts Alive has an annual membership fee which has to be paid on

    Current Rates are:

    Non-shop workers: £25 per month with 25% commission

    Shop workers/stewards: (i.e. those on the rota) £5 a month with 15% commission (with bonuses paid on a six monthly basis dependent on profits for that period)

    Cards only members: £2.50 a month with 25% commission.

    We expect membership fees to be made monthly by standing order.



    We record all sales and issue payments on a monthly basis direct to your bank account by BACS. The commission is deducted from each producer’s sales and this goes towards the running of the shop. You will receive a list of all the items sold during the month to enable you to carry out stock control.





    Crafts Alive relies on the individual producer to replenish stock regularly and ensure that there is always a balanced and attractive display of goods.


    Crafts Alive expects a high degree ofexclusivity on sales within Llandeilo and ask that members do not sell their
    work through any other shop/gallery within the town.


    (If you want to diversify your craft within the shop in the future and sell items which are substantially different from
    your original submission, we ask that you put these before the selection committee at the monthly meeting.)




    If you are interested in placing goods for sale in Crafts Alive, please complete an application form, giving as much information as possible and leave it in the shop with a representative sample/selection of your work (we do need to see and handle actual items of work) in time for the next monthly meeting. Don’t forget to include retail prices for each item.


    The selection committee is made up of members who are actively involved in the management of the shop. The decisions are taken on an unbiased and democratic basis at a monthly meeting. We then inform you, by letter, phone, or email, of our decision as soon as possible after the meeting.


    Application forms are available to download from our website. www.crafts-alive.wales


    Note: all members are required to hold their own Product and Public Liability Insurance
    and to provide evidence of this on an annual basis

    Any Trading Standards and Government Regulations MUST be followed