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Salad Dressing Designs

Ruth Tait designs beautiful textiles inspire by her home in rural Wales

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Ruth has been sewing most of her life, which led her to take a BA Hons Textiles/Art course at Goldsmith’s Art College, London. After college, Ruth often found work that involved sewing and working with textiles including making wedding dresses and ball-gowns. Life then became too busy allowing little time for her to focus on sewing and art projects.

It is only recently that Ruth has been able to find the time and space to become creative again in both the designing and making aspect and her textile art interests.

Ruth has a passion for recycling and reusing old fabrics, ends of roll lengthsand smaller pieces that would otherwise be thrown away.

Each of her current bags are unique; similar fabrics may be used but in different combinations. These combinations are influenced by the amount of fabric available, the weight, colours, textures and colour balances. Ruth has begun to use photographs of colour combinations that she observes and captures while out walking, and these provide inspiration for the fabrics selections that are used.

Ruth now lives in rural Wales, keep chickens, gardens, walks the dog, enjoys nature and the rain.
Her surroundings influence her work as she uses 'found' natural objects and materials in her art work and Ruth is exploring dying her fabrics with local plants.

Ruth's products can be found in Crafts Alive in Llandeilo.

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