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Perfect and Imperfect SALE

Legend has it that in ancient times Turkish craftsmen weavers would introduce intentional
flaws into their beautiful carpets. They believed only Allah was capable of
perfect creation and therefore no man should even try to rival His work.

Whetherthat is true or not, it is extremely difficult as a crafts person, to make
something that is absolutely perfect. You could argue that is precisely what
makes handmade objects so desirable. Each one of them has within itself
something of their maker’s spirit.

Of course,sometimes the imperfections occur as a result of outside forces; a kiln that
gets too hot, or not hot enough. A piece of glass that sets slightly on the wonk.
An imperfection in the dying of a fabric. Or it could be a slip of a carving
knife that not only takes a tiny nick out an otherwise perfect love spoon but
also comes perilously close to the carver’s thumb! It happens to painters and
print makers, blacksmiths, jewellers and seamstresses; in fact it has happened
at one time or another to all of the nearly fifty artists and crafts makers who
make up TheCrafts Alive Co-operative.

Now instead of languishing away in the back of cupboards or on top of high shelves,
Crafts Alive has decided to bring these Perfect Imperfects into the open and put them all out for sale. Also in the sale will be some makers’ end of line and stock clearance work.

So, if you want to treat yourself to a local piece of beautifully made handicraft or art
at very reasonable prices then come along to our upstairs gallery at

133 Rhosmaen Street SA19 6EN Llandeilo.

Our Perfect & imperfect sale will run from January 3rd to January 14th 2024.

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