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    Beautiful ring boxes from gorlech

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    gorlech are Claire and Paul, woodcrafters based in Abergorlech.


    They love nothing more than to be out in the woods or in their home workshop designing and creating stylish, functional items from sustainably-sourced wood.

    Paul is a trained Arborist and manages - on a voluntary basis - a small woodland owned by friends. It is a magical place overlooking a Welsh Valley with an abundance of beautiful native trees - such as Ash, Oak, Hazel, Sycamore, Holly, Hawthorn and Blackthorn.

    Wood is a wonderful material that has been used for centuries to make strong, durable and attractive items for living. Unfortunately, in recent years, it has been taken over by our reliance on plastics and other energy-intensive materials.

    However, wood is unique, in that - if harvested correctly - it is a completely sustainable, carbon-neutral and zero-waste material. It is also warm, tactile and inherently beautiful. Our ancestors knew this. We hope to follow in their tradition by providing high-quality, hand-crafted alternatives to the mass-produced items sold in big stores across the globe.

    Dragonfly Creations

    Greenwood Craftsman, Gower

    Working with local wood and more often than not selecting the tree to be used, Scott Blytt-Jordens creates a wide range of beautiful hand crafted items.

    John Mead, Blaen-nos

    A new member of Crafts Alive, John designs and makes hand-hewn & turned bowls and treen, small turned items.

    Ritchie Dean

    As well as a talented digital artist, Ritchie also carves beautiful Welsh love spoons from reclaimed oak,

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