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    Beautiful spalted wood moths by Celtic Months. Visit the shop to see a wide range of Andy's work.

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    Andy Crago, Celtic Moths


    Andy has its studio and workshop in Upper Brynaman just off the black mountains in the Brecon national park. He works with spalted wood that he collects from the woodlands around west Wales - nothing is ever cut down deliberately to use, he just picks up the dead pieces laying about that have either been felled for a purpose or through storm damage.

    He turns them into beautiful moths bringing something dead back to life once again, as he says so many moths imitate trees for survival with their camouflage he transforms the pieces of wood back into moths a reverse role.


    Spalting is a process that happens when the wood is dead and it naturally breaks down with wood rot setting in, there are 3 main types of wood rot: White black and brown, the longer the process takes then more and more beautiful colors and patterns appear, nothing is enhanced in any way its all down to mother nature and Andy's talent for spotting the patterns and designs to create these master pieces.

    Richie Dean

    Digital Artist

    Richie is an accomplished artist who works with several traditional and digital media out of his studio in Llandovery. His work in Crafts Alive are local scenes created with a variety of digital tools.

    Viv Kersey

    Print Maker

    Based near Porthryd, Viv uses a Littlejohn Press to produce limited edition prints, mainly of birds but also of local scenes. She works with a variety of techniques and accepts commissions.

    Yvonne Liles Crocker


    I'm very lucky to combine my two passions in life. Firstly, travelling around the coastline of Europe in our camper van, with our golden retriever, beachcombing. Secondly, using the glass, crockery and all sorts of pieces made beautiful by many years in the sea, to produce my pieces.


    Each find is thrilling, especially if it's a particularly vibrant colour or smooth, beautiful shape. Equally as thrilling is creating artwork from the discarded pieces made beautiful by the sea.

    Diane Mathias


    A well known local artist working in oils and pastels, Diane produces a wide range of local scenes from her studio in Henllan. Crafts Alive stocks Diane’s prints.

    Chloe Rodenhurst


    I live in rural West Wales & love to draw inspiration for my watercolour & ink paintings from its rich history of myths & legends as well as its intransigent beauty…. whatever the weather!

    I trained as a textile artist, specialising in embroidery, but I have since returned to my first passion of painting. However, my love of textiles is very evident in the way I construct my work, as is an obsessive eye for fine detail. As well as original watercolours, I produce prints & cards.

    Jackie Yorke


    Jackie has her studio in Llandybie and describes herself as a wildlife and hyper-realist artist. She is also an accomplished ceramic artist.

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